The Life and Times of PaulsCat

(aka Cats in Chaos)

Kitty Kat on a Rampage
15 June
Here is a bit about me:

I have a husband, 2 kids, 4 cats, a dog, I make candles and soap and a bit of jewelry now, I like to kill things in violent pc games, rock music is good, the ocean is wonderful, I can't live without my cell phone, I should have been a cat instead of a human, my thoughts are black, but my life is kind of gray with a silver lining. If anyone finds my halo, would you let me know where it is? I seemed to have lost it between here and California.

oh, and don't take anything I say personally, even if it is personal. It's just me! And if I have said anything in a filtered post? Um, there is a reason why it was filtered. Leave it at that.